Cold Stone Creamery Case Summary

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Cold Stone Creamery has existed for many years, and the Green Bay franchise has existed for almost 20 years. Previous owner, Linda Kane, did a splendid job managing the company, but it became too much for her. Which is where Hassan comes in. He purchased the company in 2015 and has changed the operations to make it more profitable and creating tactics that effectively measure company performance and ensure that it continues for many more years. As a current employee at Cold Stone Creamery, the author is able to attest to the accuracy of Hassan’s responses and to elaborate on them, but also to evaluate his management style and business expertise. The financial goal setting processes come from comparative financial statements and ensuring that the franchise is growing or at least consistent annually. If any major and consistent discrepancies arise in the financial statements that cannot be explained by weather or…show more content…
He immediately increased the prices to a more reasonable amount and ensured that the Green Bay Cold Stone Creamery would be a more profitable company. Sales also are increased because Hassan uses the cash register system to track employee sales. He tracks by having a computer program track employee transactions using their individual check-out numbers. The computer system tracks the sizes sold, the type of ice cream sold (if it is a signature creation or an ice cream with one mix-in) and how many waffles each employee sold. He also institutes a waffle competition where whoever sells the highest percentage of waffles based on their total transactions receives a raise. The amount and duration of the raise are dependent on how many times the competition has been won. Doing this motivates employees to sell more and quantitatively tracks their individual performance to more effectively set goals for the entire

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