Cold War Canada Essay

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Canada has many factors that cause it to be the strong and independent country it is and is seen as today. The cold war is a factor that shaped Canada’s independence and why people see Canada as such a strong country. Canada joins the U.N( United Nations). The U.N was created Oct 24, 1945. The U.N is an organization of countries that work together to prevent war, improve living conditions in other countries, defend human rights etc. Canada joining this organization independently without being forced proves it’s independence. Canada proves it’s independence by joining an organization that will follow it’s beliefs and follow the same goal. The Suez crisis is a situation that proved Canada’s independence. In 1956 Egyptian leader( Gamal Abdel Nasser) took control of the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal is a shipping route that is under control and run by British and French interests. In October Britain, France and Israel launched attacks…show more content…
When the British and French withdrew from the battle there would be a U.N force in the area so they could deal with the situation. This plan resulted in the ending of the Suez Crisis, Lester even won the Nobel peace prize. This shows Canada 's independence. If it weren 't for Canada the Suez Crisis ended. It is possible that a war could have occurred. Also this shows Canada is smart and tactical. Creating a plan that could end the Suez Crisis is ingenious. The Red Scare is an event that proves Canada’s independence. This event is Canada and the U.S’s mad hunt for communist. They would accuse many people of being communist or associating themselves with communist. Many would be put under suspicion even when they are innocent. This caused the destruction of many jobs as well. This event actually proves Canada’s independence.This is because Canada began searching for communist without anyone telling them to and they did this on their own. Joining the United Nations, the Suez Crisis and the Red scare are factors that make Canada independent
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