Cold War Task 5 Summary

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Slide 1 Cold War Task 5 By: Cristina Prince Slide 2 The Soviet Union and the United States rose as superpowers, and the world progressed towards bipolar politics, a state in which two rather equally matched sides confronted one another. The United States strengthened much of Europe through the Marshall Plan, giving $12 billion dollars in aid to Western Europe after WWII. Resulting in implementing of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a defense agreement meant to organize opposition to the Soviet Union and China, both politically and militarily. The Warsaw Pack was a military alliance of communist nations in eastern Europe. Organized in 1955 in answer to NATO. Incluing, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and…show more content…
In Russia communism collapses due to the people wanting social justice for everyone. They also wanted to keep their superpower status in the world. 2. America became the sole superpower in the world. With the Cold War the United States was able to achieve more superiority. This was due to its ability to protects itself and protect others, by eliminating its enemies. 3. In Cuba, after the Cold War, the blockade, which was an embargo against Cuba, that blocked all imports stayed in effect. Cuba also remains a Communist state. . (Acrobatiq, 2014) Slide 9 The Cuban Missile range map helps us to better understand the true threat poses by the USSR in Cuba. Almost the entire United States of America was within range of missile pointed towards America from Cuba. This image would be sure to strike fear into the hearts of Americans due to the fact it was a direct threat. It was not something happening overseas, it could happen right in their own backyard. The United States had no other choice then to inpose4 the blockade, and take any means necessary to protect America. Slide 10 • Acrobatiq (2014). Survey of World History. Retrieved from • Cold War (n.d.). Retrieved from
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