Cold War Terrorism

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The US is internationally known as the most powerful country economically, politically and militarily. Not only that, but the US has also played a huge role when it comes to advising and influencing other countries through their foreign policy. The 9/11 attack has shaken the US from one side and the world as a whole from another. Moreover, it is widely clear that the structure of the international system has become even more complex after this attack. Ever since 9/11, the US has been witnessing a lot of challenges that are threatening the US’ power and security. As the author “Glenn P Hasted T” mentioned in the “Global Context” reading, terrorism is the main threat for the US. Terrorism has existed since the beginning of time, as a tool to intimidate a political figure, a state, or even used by states to terrorize its own people. Yet, we have witnessed an influx of terrorist groups since the cold war and even after it ended. Besides, a global war on terror has waged during the Bush Doctrine directly after the attack of 9/11. However, there are some questions that we must ask ourselves, can we fight terrorism as a conventional enemy? And why is it America a target for all these extremist religious groups? But then again, how can we fight terrorism when there is no specific definition on what is it?
The US started recognizing terrorism right after the Cold war when Al-Qaeda had emerged. Al-Qaeda is an organization of Islamic militants that has declared a "holy war" on

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