Cold Weather Hunters Essay

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Must-Have Clothing for Cold Weather Hunters
Selecting the best of hunting gears is something a passionate cold weather hunter can never miss. A hunter always needs to be well-prepared for the next hunting season. There are so many choices in socks, boots, headwear, thermals to impress you, but you need follow your own checklist and pick the gears that works for you.

Let’s get started with a basic checklist on what a cold weather hunter may need; o Carry your ID in a wallet. o White coat – if you are hunting in snow. o Underwear. o Base Layer. o Tight-fitting sweatshirt. o Woolen sweater o A hooded jumper. o Pair of sweat pants or joggers. o Waterproof white pants or snow pants. o Top layer. o Woolen headwear. o Warm woolen gloves. o Toe
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Pick right pair of hunting boots that keeps your feet dry and warm during those chilly hunting hours. Nothing beats woolen sock when it comes to insulation. Foot warmers are large warming packets that keep your feet insulated up to nine hours.
Tip 4. Underwear retains your body heat. Try out the polyester thermal underwear that are 100% cotton. You can even wear them at home under your clothes.
Tip 5. Pullovers are perfect for cold protection and hoarding your important gears. Pick hooded one made with breathable material. Hunting jackets are best at keeping you comfy in cold conditions. But, they should be waterproof, and wind-resistant.
Tip 6. Prepare your hunting gears in advance. Check your rifle and ammos. Plan what will you do when you spot your prey. You don’t want to feel helpless and miserable out there in. Right?
Tip 7. Have a right diet to keep you warm from within. The basic diet of cold weather hunters consist of oatmeal, peanut butter sandwich and pasta. No surprise; they call it OPP diet.
Finally, always tuck in your jacket and sweatshirt. Don’t let the body heat escape. Dress up like an onion with several layers, but that should not limit your body movement. You ought to be swift there. You just need to protect your core, keep it

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