Cole Matthews Character Analysis Essay

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Cole’s character profile Cole Matthews is a very troubled kid who tends to get into trouble, he blames everything that happens on anyone who isn't him. He always gets a "second chance," from his parents, thus he doesn't understand the concept of change. Cole is a cocky fifteen year-old who doesn't learn from his mistakes, and can't seem to notice that some things cannot have the blame placed on someone else, only him. When he ends up going to jail, AGAIN , after beating up a kid for ratting him out after he robbed a store. Once he reaches the island he has been sent to for a year he learns that his real weakness is being alone. Cole’s age/physical appearance/family information. “Cole was a baby faced 15 year old kid.” (pg 5) But this…show more content…
"He's been in and out of a dozen police stations the same amount of counselors a psychologist and several detention centers and two residential treatment centers"(pg 6). His personality is mean and brutal and only cares about him. He beat a kid so bad he had to go to the hospital and suffers permanent damage. This personality was created when his dad had begun to beat him whenever he was drunk. Once Cole felt he was at his weakest point, he felt if he overpowered someone else he would feel more powerful. Also this personality has been enhanced whenever he was angry because he then overpowered somebody even when he was not weak, causing for him to feel stronger than usual. Cole is interesting hen when it comes to his strengths and weaknesses because he really blocks his emotions usually. From what I have read Cole is actually afraid of being alone because he doesn’t like not having anybody to be with. Cole’s strengths include his actual physical strength, his endurance to pain and his ability to make people believe him. Yet what cole has not noticed is that he has hidden his tears behind a curtain of false belief.Cole’s weakness is also that he doesn't care about anything except for
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