Cole The Nest Chapter Summary

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Cole, the merciless boy who never desired change, until now. During his pathway towards change, Cole found himself receiving a deathlike experience from a spirit bear, staying at Rosey’s hotel after he was vigorously mauled, and getting resent to the island. Once you dig further into this book’s roots, change definitely occurs to Cole, and it’s majestic. To begin with, Cole’s deathlike experience was a major key to completely alter his emotions. Particularly, when he laid down on the ground due to his injuries. Afterwards, he began seeing that the world is something to live for, not to throw away. For example, “A strange thought occurred to Cole: the world was beautiful”. This, without a doubt, changed his interpretation about the world. Furthermore, in the aftermath of the mauling, the spirit bear started to approach Cole, and when it did, the unthinkable happened. He let Cole sink his hands into it’s fur, he felt something that he hadn 't had before, “He felt trust”. This lead him to be more trusting to others and the first time someone trusted Cole. Secondly, staying at Rosey’s hotel started to make Cole show a…show more content…
Out of everything, getting resent to the island has the impact by far. His time there really helps him deeply rethink and cleanse what has happened in the past. However, Garvey tells Cole “The whole world is a hot dog” as they are having a fantastic time eating a hot dog that was sliced in three. Although, Garvey later explains that you should make the most out of what you were given. This lead Cole to rethink about the world, where you should always make the most out of something very small. Shortly after, Edwin tells Cole to head towards this stream, where he tells Cole to completely sink himself in water, trying to break the stick. On the left side there was anger, and the right side had happiness. Thus resulting in Cole figuring out that everyone has anger, it’s not something you can get rid
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