Cole Thompson Character Analysis

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Cole Thompson was born on the 12th August 1992 to Celine and Gregory Thompson. Cole grew up with his older brother Mason, who is 6 years older than him, and younger brother Jack who is 4 years younger, making Cole the middle child. Cole was always a shy child, and the only things that would make him more outgoing were when he was playing soccer or playing with dinosaurs. Because of his, Cole always wanted to play soccer professionally, even as a child. Cole never had many friends, until the day he met Rory, who complemented Cole as Rory always talked too much, and Cole too little. At lunch times Cole always played soccer with Rory while Alison watched and read her books. Cole always liked Alison because he didn’t too too well in school, and she would always help him out. Cole was always nervous about high school, but when he found out that he and Rory were in the same class he was okay. The first time Cole met Dana he thought she was the best person he had ever met. Cole and Dana always liked the same things and were very close throughout high school. Lincoln joining the group was great for Cole, because now when Rory was away he would have someone to play soccer with. Alison never joined and Dana tried but she was too scared of getting hurt. Being a shy kid and not talking a lot, he tended to be somewhat of a pushover in peoples minds. The basement was one of the times that Cole wanted to say no, but couldn’t. However eventually he warmed up to it, and started to come out of his shell even more than he had already done. In high school Cole joined a soccer team outside of school abd began training to be a…show more content…
He moved out of home at 20 and lives with some roommates but he never talks to them. Cole still wants to be a soccer player but can never push himself hard enough to do it. Cole’s biggest flaw is that he is apathetic to the world and everyone around him including
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