Forensic Fraud In Enron's Case

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Abstract Forensic fraud occurs when the fraud examiners provide sworn testament, opinions or documents that are bound for the court containing deceptive and misleading findings and opinions or conclusions, that would deliberately be offered in order to secure an un fair or unlawful gain. Such type of misconducts in an organization whether public or private sector creating a devastating impact on the firm destroying the reputation. However, lack of research in the forensic fraud phenomena exacerbated by the constraints on would be the whistle-blowers with the denial of forensic science stakeholders, where there is general perception that forensic fraud is primarily resulting corporate collapses of firms. This research paper would show the several…show more content…
Skilling ordered the employees to carry the act knowing its wrong and making the employees individually responsible. Court had determined that the senior management failed on the truth and ethical disclosure. The damage of the company reputation through negative perspective ethically has already been done. Arthur Andersen, a famous certifies public accountant had violated the industry’s specifications (Software Engineering Institute, 2012). • Corporate Angle  The managers attributed to the company as the shareholders of Enron didn’t realize the matter from superficial high stock price. Thus, the whole company was not responsible for the scandal. The board and the other shareholders paid lots of attention to the decisions made by the CEO’s, CFO’s and the relevant staffs as Enron avoided this results (Software Engineering Institute,
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