Cole's Struggle In Touching Spirit Bear

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Cole is the main character in Touching Spirit Bear. He is an “innocent-looking baby-faced fifteen-year-old from Minneapolis ” (5) Cole has a temper and he really doesn't care about anyone but himself. He blames everyone but himself Like when he blamed Peter Driscal for telling on him, but Cole was bragging about it. (7) Cole is a very selfish kid and is very stubborn. Cole thought to himself, “Circle justice was a bunch of bull.” (6) Coles had a rough life and not getting consequences for his mistakes this is the reason why Cole is a bully and very mean. During the Circle Justice meeting Cole tells his dad, “you’re usually too drunk to know your own name.” (48) Cole's mom looks pretty and perfect like a barbie doll but is too scared and won't stand up for Cole. (9) Like everyone, Cole still has his…show more content…
“ Cole didn't trust anyone...” (15) Cole strongly didn't like his parents because the way they treated him. “ Cole would not let them hold his hands and feel how sweaty they were, he would not let them pretend they loved him.” Cole thinks everyone is helping him because they don't have a choice or their just doing it for themselves. Lots of people have a hard time with Cole because of his actions towards others. “Cole is a risk to our children and to our community.” (46) “that boy is dangerous,” she said. “next time he might kill someone…” (46) I feel toward Cole Matthews is he is a great boy that is smart and has the potential to be be a strong and responsible man. It's just the way he's been raised with no discipline and getting abused by his father, being surrounded with drinking parents. He has to go home to parents who don't love him and abandon him. Cole Matthews doesn't feel safe or trust anyone because of the way he's been raised. Cole doesn’t care and find it a big deal if he hurts people and if it's very serious because of the way he's been taught by his
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