Colette Guillaumin The Changing Face Of Race Analysis

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In her article “The Changing Face of Race” (1999) contained in the book “Race, Identity, and Citizenship: A Reader”, Colette Guillaumin tries to explain how a simple word like “race” changed in its meaning and impact in society during its history, making it unreliable when trying to describe a concept. An explanation on her theory and its importance will be given in this illustrative essay, as will a clarification on why Guillaumin (1999) states that scientists are partly to blame for the discriminating connotation of this word, and how none of the sciences, natural or social, wants to take responsibility. It will also try to explain how Guillaumin thinks this idea is socially constructed and why she believes that even though the concept as…show more content…
41). Racists defended the natural existence of separate races, and claimed that social and psychological characteristics were natural phenomenons as well (Guillaumin, 1999, p. 41). During the 1930 's many scientists started an enduring campaign supporting the idea that physical traits and social customs had no relation to race whatsoever (Guillaumin, 1999, p. 42). The APA (American Psychological Association) claimed that involvement of governmental and legal actions with race during the Nazi regime were based on fallacies and that there was no evidence for biological predisposition in any of them (Guillaumin, 1999, p.…show more content…
44), which is illogical when taking into account that, as we all know well, in most societies it is a deeply implemented concept.
Guillaumin (1999, p. 46) concluded that, even though the existence of such a brutal concept of race is completely irrational, it is present in societies and laws around the world in different countries, meaning that we cannot escape the effect that the invention of this word has had on

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