Colgate Palmolive Case Study

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All about the case This is a case relating to the legal principle of infringement of a trademark. Colgate Palmolive Co. Limited is a company that has been manufacturing and marketing dental products in India under the well-known trademark 'COLGATE ' since 1937. The Colgate Palmolive registered their trademark in India in the year 1954.They have always marketed their products in red cartons which had the word COLGATE inscribed in white on it. They used a particular font for printing the trademark on the cartons. Further they had even registered their label relating to colors in India in the year 1959. From then on they have been exclusively enjoying the ownership rights over the trademark 'COLGATE ' and also the label containing the red and white colors inscribed on it. In the year 2003 the Colgate Palmolive came to know that Mr. Patel and his company were using the Colgate Palmolive Co. 's COLGATE trade dress in the packaging of their products with relation to the layout and color combination of the cartons. The Mr. Patel and his company used the word 'AJANTA ' printed in white color in a red background in their cartons. Subsequently the Colgate Palmolive filed a suit before the Delhi High Court seeking a permanent injunction against the Mr. Patel and his company, thereby restraining them from using the trade dress that was similar in layout and appearance even though the names printed on the cartons were different. They contended that the Mr. Patel and his company had

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