Colgate Palmolive Case Study

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Introduction Colgate Palmolive is fast growing company in Pakistan having more than 100 products. They have more than 100 products for daily use and they have 2 factories in Pakistan. Recently, Colgate installed SAP ERP (Package 2) and they applied mixture of following change models to bring the change in finance and logistics business processes. AC 1.1: DISCUSS MODELS OF STRATEGIC CHANGE A restructuring of an organization’s business or a marketing plan that is typically performed in order to achieve an important objective. For example, a strategic change might include shifts in corporation’s policies, target market, mission or organizational structure. Web finance (2016) ‘What is strategic change? Definition and meaning, Source: Strategic change has been defined by many persons. There are many theories about how to do change. Here we will discuss some famous theories of strategic change. JOHN KOTTER MODEL: SOURCE: John Kotter introduced his eight-step change process in his book “Leading change” in 1995. Here we will look at this eight steps process. • CREATE URGENCY: For change to happen, it helps if the whole company really wants it. Develop a sense of urgency around the need for change. This may help to spark the initial motivation to get things moving. • FORM A POWERFUL COALITION: Convince people

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