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Paper #1 is about... A marketing researcher must be able to write effectively in order to communicate problems, goals, objectives, and strategies. Consider the role of marketing research and the aspects of problem formation covered in Week 1. Consider exploratory research and the types of data you will need to write your research report. Explain the goal(s) of your research report. Describe the information that should be contained in the executive summary and why this is the most important part of the report. Address how you will incorporate these points into your final project about Colgate's possible opportunity to use their social media channels more (and a i’ll be doing a random sample of people to ask if they’ve seen the last social…show more content…
Although the company started its products range with candles, starch and soaps, it is presently associated with products relating to oral care like toothpaste and mouthwash offering products in more than two hundred countries around the world. Some of the internationally recognized brand names are Colgate, Ajax, Palmolive, Softsoap, Some Hill's Science diet products. Colgate Palmolive is its current leading consumer product company focused on Oral care, Household care, Personal care and many more. Today Colgate-Palmolive is $9 billion…show more content…
Based on consumer and shopper insights, the Company works closely with local merchandisers and shop owners to offer a relevant assortment of products and merchandising services to get high visibility in each store. In order to meet the wants and needs of all its consumers successfully the brand Colgate usually opts for innovative schemes and attractive packing strategies. The standard color red is now being associated with Colgate and hence the brand capitalizes on this easy familiarity with its products. They have also benefitted hugely from successful in-store arrangements. Nowadays, the online market has also helped the company to reach various customers successfully. This research aims to study the ability of Colgate to benefit more from their social media campaigns. This will involve a random sample of persons who have seen its last social media campaign #everydropcounts with michael

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