Colin Kaepernick's Right To Protest Analysis

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Colin Kaepernick 's right to protest is not being used in the most effective manner it could be. He is kneeling during the National Anthem, which is highly disrespectful to the men and women who risk their lives to give him his right to protest. He is protesting minorities are under siege in the United States and are not granted the same opportunities as non-minority groups. The recent police shootings on African Americans specifically is Kaepernick 's main protest against. All U.S. citizens are effected by this protest because it is so controversial, it could start a race war on a National Level that can be prevented. Patriotism is an attachment to one 's homeland. This attachment can be shown through ethnic, cultural, political, or…show more content…
This would in turn allow the NFL to support Kaepernick in his decision to peacefully protests issues that do not reflect poorly on Kaepernick or the NFL as an organization that makes certain demographics of people very wealthy and successful in America. Colin Kaepernick is not effectively protesting to raise awareness on a racial issue because people are more focused on the way he is choosing to protest, rather than why he is protesting. This is an important issue because he is indirectly disrespecting our armed forces, causing major controversy, which is dividing our country. If Kaepernick can figure out a way to peacefully protest in a respectful manner it will set a precedent for many people who have celebrity status on how they should address issues they feel to be brought to light in our current society. Kaepernick continuing to kneel will ultimately result in a national race war with people arguing over issues that were never meant to be brought to light over Kaepernick 's kneeling. The public and fans of Kaepernick could come up with ways that they feel like he can express his concerns that would not only help Kaepernick 's current public image, but save America from a race war that was never meant to start in the
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