Colin Kaepernick's Protest

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Protest leaders like Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and John Lennon all had the same goal; to bring attention to the injustice taking place in society. Nico Woodward talks about how protest is good for democracy because it shows the injustices and disagreements in the government (1); consequently, it is crucial to bring disagreements to the forefront of society so that everyone 's thoughts can be heard. Most of the time, minority groups that struggle to have their voices heard because there are outnumbered, and it is important that these groups are heard and not marginalized. People can be unaware of major issues because it is not something that they experience daily; therefore, it is pivotal that oustanding problems are brought front and center. Colin Kaepernick’s protest…show more content…
The argument is that he did not have to disrespect the national anthem to prove his point, but protesting during the national anthem was the best option. If he would have done something else, the cause would not get as much attention and the impact would not be the same. They also say how he has nothing to complain about because he is a rich athlete, but this is also false. Colin Kaepernick is still a black male and went though the same struggles that affect younger African Americans everyday. Not only that, your social status really does not matter because anyone with the ability to speak against an injustice should. It does not matter if you are experiencing it directly or just an observer because seeing an injustice and not doing anything about it is just as bad as doing the injustice yourself. They continue to try and scrutinize Kaepernick for a peaceful protest, but most major protest were not popular at the time. When the Civil rights protest was going on, their were people who were very against integration. Colin Kaepernick’s protest was
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