Colin Powell: A Positive Role Model

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Colin Powell accomplished a lot in His lifetime, but is most well known for being a four star general in the U.S army Colin Powell was a very successful man with many accomplishments throughout His lifetime and he has earned many medals and other awards of honor. He was very successful in almost anything he ever did in his lifetime. Over the years, he has earned many medals such as the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, and the Soldiers medal. Twice during His tours of duty, he was injured while fighting. Powell was most well known for being a four star general in the U.S army. Join me as we learn all about Colin Powell and His amazing accomplishments all through His life. These things I have told you about being what made Colin Powell such an amazing role model and an amazing man. Accordingly, to others Colin Powell was an…show more content…
his parents were immigrants from Jamaica. As he got older he joined the ROTC or also known as the Reserve Officers Training Corps. Powell graduated as a cadet. Later he joined the U.S army as a second lieutenant. Consequently, during duty there was a helicopter crash. During the helicopter crash Powell was wounded severely. Ordinarily soldiers would try to escape and not come back, but not Colin Powell. Nevertheless, despite His injuries he escaped the crash and returned to save several other men's lives. So conversely, he returned to the crash when others would not have. Moreover, he was rewarded for his actions with a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, and a Soldier's medal . Notwithstanding, active duty Colin Powell earned his master's degree. As he got older he served in various government positions. He also was a bestselling author of the book My American Journey. As you can see Colin Powell accomplished a lot in his lifetime. He was a four star general, served in various government positions, and was a best selling author. These are what made Colin Powell a great
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