Colin Powell And Montessori Analysis

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Education is a big part of a child's development. Parents, adults, teachers, etc are needed in order to help guide the child. Colin Powell and Montessori both believe that the schooling systems needs a change. They both want to change the view on how the teachers should teach and how kids should develop their structure. Even though they are both important, they both have conflicting opinions on how teachers should act and how to carry out the child's structure. To begin, Colin Powell and Montessori have different views on how a teacher should be like to help guide the child. To start, Colin Powell says “I make them stand at attention like a soldier” to show how he thinks a teacher role should be like. Colin is implying that kids need structure …show more content…

Colin wants kids to develop their structure from their parent. For example, Colin says “the real answer begins with bringing a child to the school with structure in that child’s heart and soul to begin with”. Colin is saying that the education process begins from their parents. The learning process begins with their parents. The parents are their first teachers, they teach the kids and make them more discipline. They should come to school with the structure already built up from their parents. Secondly, Colin stated, “when does the learning process begin.” “It begins the first time a child in a mother’s arms”. When the child is born they should be that is my mother, she will teach me about everything. The child will learn from their mother because they think of their mother as a guardian. The mother will guide the child and he shall follow. Meanwhile, Montessori thinks that a child’s structure is by learning themselves and by improving from their mistakes. To start, Montessori wants the child “not shirk effort, he rather goes in search of it, and with great joy overcomes obstacles within his capacity”. The child will search for the answer and try to overcome the obstacle. Once the child has overcome the obstacle, he shall grow and become proud of himself. He will become more mature and begin to understand the world around him. Next, Montessori wants the adults to “ ...wait, and always ready to share in both joy and the difficulties which the child experiences”. The teacher should be proud when the child overcomes the obstacles in front of him. They should celebrate with him, encourage him to move on, and learn many other things. When they are in a difficult situation then the teacher should be there helping him and guide him towards the right path. To conclude, Colin believes that parents should help build up the needed structure rather Montessori believes

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