Colin Powell Case Study

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Colin Powell was an amazing person. Being a two time Vietnam veteran, injured in both tours. As well as a winner of the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and the Soldiers Medal. The amount of strength Powell exerted throughout his life resulted in him evolving into the person he is today. Colin Powell made the best decisions and did what was possible to the best of his ability. The way Powell leads his life should encourage us to use our inner strength to excel. We could help others more often, or volunteer to help. Powell operated things his own way and thrived. He bypassed everyone in his ROTC and transcended straight into a second Lieutenant, then to a commander. Lieutenant Powell eventually evolved into a four star general in…show more content…
Nevertheless, Colin managed to do his best every day. Ordinarily Giving 110% at everything that was attempted. At one point in his life, Powell foresaid, “What I really wanted was to do was the very best every single day. By doing my best every day, day after day, year after year, I finally got to the top.”By following that motto the second Lieutenant became one of the best at anything that he accomplished relating to his job. Accordingly Colin Powell started his military career in the ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) unit and maneuvered his way all the way to the preeminent, and became a four star general in the U.S. Army, in which he served two Vietnam tours. In one of his tours he was severely wounded in a helicopter crash, so were others inside the helicopter. Consequently, Powell ventured to the helicopter multiple times to get the others inside, by doing this Powell rescued all of them. After Powell retired, he became the Secretary of State. Colin served multiple terms there. Through hard work, dedication,and perseverance, Powell managed to develop himself into one of the best representatives of our country known throughout

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