Colin Powell Short Story

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Colin Powell’s story is one that never stops, it keeps going . Growing up as an immigrant life wasn’t easy Colin. Powell understood that a successful life wasn’t handed to him. His story is one to admire, as well as his bravery and honor . He is a role model that shows everyone “Man, I can be at the top too.” Colin Powell’s story began when his parents told him how important it was to do the best you could possibly do. That changed very quickly, Colin took control of his life and by doing so he enrolled in college and joined the ROTC. Leaving the ROTC as a Cadet Colonel, he sought out a military career and by doing so he joined the army. Joining the Army as a Second Lieutenant, he served two tours in Vietnam and left the army as a Four-Star General. Surely you didn’t think it was all fun and games for Colin. On a fateful day in November…show more content…
On one hand some might end their career there, on the other hand Colin kept his working personality and kept going. Colin went on to get his Masters degree and earn a fellowship award from the white house. This award was generally given to young adults with great potential as future leaders. Later, President George H.W. Bush nominated him to be Joint Chiefs of Staff. Usually, his job was to alert the President on military matters. Then in 2001 George W. Bush appointed Colin to Secretary Of State. He served in this position until 2005. Likewise he kep going. He and his wife founded America’s Promise. In addition, he finished his career by becoming a best-selling author with his book My American Journey. Colin Powell went down in history as one of the greatest to serve our country. After all, his courage and love for our country made how he is remembered today. Still, everyone wants to be like Colin. And yet, he did it all by this one saying. “What I really wanted was to do the best I could every single day. By doing my best every day, day after day, year after year I finally got to the
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