Colin Wilson Acceptance The Good Or Bad Analysis

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Accepting the Good or Bad (Colin Wilson saying About Normal People) Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and you just know that it's going to be a terrible day, you don't even want to get out of bed. You know the second you get out of your bed you're going to fall on your face then your favorite outfit is going to be dirt and then you're going to go up stairs to eat one of your favorite breakfast foods but your out of milk. Your whole day is just going like this no matter what you try to do it fix it and you end up saying you should've just stayed in bed. Well a fellow by the name of Colin Wilson wrote a quote that goes like this “The average man is a conformist accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow…show more content…
If something bad happened to you and your asked about it the next day or that same day, you aren’t going to tell them the whole story of what the bad thing was your only going to talk about the happy parts and the kinda bad thing but not exactly what happened. People change their stories up all the time so they don't look like a fool, or if they get in a fist fight they're not going to tell you that they got the shit beat out of them there going to make up something completely different so they don't look stupid. People always change their stories for the better never for the worse and they don't always tell you exactly what happened. Sometimes people lie to get away with something that they did that was really bad. If you stole something from a store and got caught would you want to go around and tell all those people what you really did or would you make up something that didn't even come close to what really happened. Clearly people always change the real story and don't accept what really happens to…show more content…
There are people out there who try so dang hard to get everything going the way they want to no matter what it is. Sometimes they try to hard and end up making it even worse for them. People who try way too hard to get things in control normally get angry because the bad things in there life isn't controlled by them and they can't change the outcome of what happens. For example if you were date a guy who you really like for awhile and you thought it was going to last then out of nowhere he said he needed to take a break from you and then a week later he said he needed space so he broke up with you and no you're all mad. So you text him over and over again trying to figure out what you did but in the long run it was nothing you did. He just doesn't like you any more and wants to move on, so for the next week for month you're trying so hard to find out why he's not with you any more and what the problem is so he finally just tells you that you were way to attached and he needed room and maybe later we can try again and get back together. When clearly in the end it wasn't you it was because you were trying to control everything that happens and you just can't do that when life throws you bad

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