Collaboration In Health Care Essay

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In any healthcare profession, continued growth in technology, changes in patient population, access to nursing education, and current events have an influence on the duty of a nurse and with patient outcomes. Nurses are frequently on the front lines in the healthcare setting, so it is worth thinking about the healthcare trends that are both internal and external to patients and service providers. A trend is defined as a general direction in which something is developing or changing. The one thing that you can expect in any healthcare profession is change. Whether it is the economy, technology, law, education, or collaborative healthcare, these all contribute to how an administrator does his or her job. Nurses often have to be prepared, flexible,…show more content…
Collaborative nursing is on a rise and nurses are providing patient care in a more team-based environment. Collaboration is defined as “a complex process that builds on communication” (pg. 190). Poor communication and lack of respect between physicians and nurses lead to harmful outcomes for patients. Interprofessional collaboration is the key to achieving success across education, leadership, practice, and better patient outcomes. Often times in the hospital where I work, we huddle with a doctor, social worker, case manager, and charge nurse to review the patient and discuss patient care. Collaborating as a group benefits everyone involved. The patient has better outcomes, the nurses are provided with a plan of care, the case manager understands the needs of the patients, doctors become of aware of the patient’s current health status, and the social worker works on where the patient goes after hospitalization. As nursing trends continue to grow and change, our focus should always remain the same, which is centered around our patient. Technology will continue to improve, nurses will have easier access to education, and patient care will be provided by collaborative nursing. With so many diverse and exciting nursing positions and opportunities for continual
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