Collaborative Manifesto Reflection

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Collette O’Connell
Writing and rhetoric 1
Collaborative manifesto reflection
I will be the very first to admit that I absolutely despise group work. This is because I’m introverted and very stubborn, and together thise two qualities makes me extremely difficult to work with. I have a hard time listening to other people’s intentions when it comes to projects which often creates an unpleasant atmosphere. I also don’t compromise easily and often when I don’t get my way back out of a project or put forth as little effort as possible. It is for these reasons that group work has never really been something I enjoyed doing. Although if I was with the right group of people I can work tremendously well and I have been a part of many successful, creative,
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When I was a little kid at school my teachers would always say that we lived in a country where we celebrated equality, of course as a child you tend to believe whatever you are told. Yet, as I grew older my eyes started to see the horrible lie that was. I started to see that people’s worth and intellect were measured not by talent or character but by uncontrollable and often physical aspects. If someone was black they were unintelligent, a fat person is lazy, a woman is weak, a man is emotionless, gay people are freaks, disabled people deserved what they got, the list of hatred and oppression goes on for what seems like forever. It is not something I believe I have the luxury to forget. Oppression and hatred breeds violence and it seems there is no end to the grief and pain and the suffering of minority groups in this country and in this world. I found great solace in writing a piece expressing my anger and urging reformation in a timely manner. It is my greatest desire that one day people will be people and the violence will end. As I mentioned in my section of the paper- I refuse to abide by intolerance and hatred. By not acting against it I am aiding it and I will not be an
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