Collaborative Model Of Community Analysis

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a. This model uses community, individual, group, and family strategies to advocate for diverse populations. One way is to include community leaders when building a collaborative model because the community leaders who have knowledge about cultural norms and cultural community resources while us with in the school would have knowledge of the students’ cultural identity. Also, the community leaders and families could help explain some cultural practices that we might not understand. Also, showing a leadership collaboration of people from different cultures, shows students that it is possible to work well with people who are different from us as a united front (Darling, J. & Heller, V., 2012). We must also explore the different cultural perspectives…show more content…
Issues of conflict, bias, prejudice, oppression, and discrimination well be addressed in this model by discussions about what biases and prejudice are and how they can be hurtful, how we are all different and that is okay, as well as about our past experiences and how they can affect us now. The thought behind this is that open discussions and learning/working through this together will make us understand us believes and learn to get along with one another. Oppression and discrimination will also be dealt with by regular assessments about achievement and availability of resources. This will be done through assessment testing, questionnaires and discussions with stakeholders as well as regular training for faculty, students, and parents. These model promotes a positive and caring learning environment by being honest about our beliefs and active working toward expanding our multicultural competences. When we openly worked toward expanding our understanding it works as a positive role model for the students to do so themselves. Also, using honest and open discussions with students about cultures promotes a positive learning environment by making individual differences seem normal and as a common occurrence. We can expand our own cultural self-awareness and competences by research our heritage. For instance, is a website that can help us understand our heritage through historical records and DNA testing to see our cultural percentages (2016). This would also be…show more content…
Multicultural Sensitivity is very important to my work as a professional school counselor. I could be dealing with hundreds of students all of which can be from different cultures and/or expresses their cultures differently. I have to be careful to not offend anyone, even if it was a mistake. Although it is important to note that omitting that you made a mistake and that it was not intentional could also be considered as multicultural sensitivity by stating the mistake and learning from it because it does happen. We also need to ensure that we are not neglecting our own culture as well. Neglecting our own culture can lead to feelings of emptiness and biases. Therefore, we need to be honest about our own cultures because it promotes our own sensitivity as well as those around

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