Collaborative Writing Strategies

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to use the language satisfactorily, lack of opportunities to use this language without being embarrassed about making mistakes (Adelman, H.S. & Taylor, L. 1998). These are the few factors that prevent students from practising the language they learn at school. Therefore, it becomes a necessity for teachers to create an environment in class that ensures the maximum usage of the second language. This may not be as easy as it seems, given the large size of the class. Hence, the collaborative writing strategy is expected to be a useful tool in providing a platform for students to practise and improve on their communication skills as well as produce good quality writing pieces.
It is a known fact that most students have not had the opportunity
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According to Noble (2006), a student’s progress, achievement , positive attitude that is related to family income, input from parents and at random, the negative input from home environment directly influences their academic achievements.
Next is the school environment which includes teachers’ and peers’ behavior towards a student. According to Blum (2005), students might feel disinterested to go to school when there is a lack of socializing and if they feel isolated by others. So in the collaborative writing activity, the students are indirectly forced to mingle with each other to complete the task given in a required time frame which encourages positive involvement among students.
There is also cultural environment that can be overcome with using the Collaborative Writing strategy. Here, students from different cultural environment would be put into groups and they will be able to exchange their traditions from their ethnic group and vice versa to complete the task. For example, if the students are required to write about ‘wau’ (kite), the Malay students in the group will be able to enlighten the other ethnic group students on the facts. These would lead to more content knowledge being achieved by the entire
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This researcher asserts that both comprehensible input and output are equally important in acquiring the language. Collaborative writing is one strategy that allows this to take place because students work in small groups, and therefore are able to adapt the knowledge obtained according to their needs. These small groups also make it possible for the students to put forth their ideas and opinions confidently in the target language without fear of being ridiculed (Haynes,

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