Beauty In Collateral Beauty

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Collateral Beauty: where the beauty is? Every day we see a lot of faces – smiling, laughing, happy, sad, but we never know what is behind it. People survived grief look different outside but they are equally painful inside. To overgrow grief, accept it, step it over and move forward they do a huge work as the main character of a Collateral beauty movie Howard (Will Smith). The drama directed by David Frankel tells us a story about a father in a grief, who has lost his six-year-old daughter and struggles to be back to normal life. Since the death of his daughter he becomes deep depressed, does not react on real world and refuses to work. His creative ideas and a secret of the agency success were reaching people out through love, time and death. The tragedy has caused him to write letters to them. At the time the agency was about to fail, his colleagues decided to intercept the letters and hired actors to cast as Love(Keira Knightley),Time(Jacob Latimore) and Death(Helen Mirren) to talk to him. That was the way to make…show more content…
The main idea portrayed in Collateral beauty is that whatever happened, even such great sorrow as loss of a loved one, there is some beauty that follows it. According to the movie every tragedy is accompanied with beauty. Unfortunately the meaning of the collateral beauty was left without explanation. In the middle of the film, Howard himself admits that he does not understand and does not feel the collateral beauty. By the end of the film, it remains mysterious. One more message that even overlaps the main one is the message of hope. As one of the actors said « never know, nothing is ever really dead if you look at it right.». And it is easy to recognize a reminder to appreciate what we have. All the characters of the film are unhappy, but helping Howard, actually trying to save own money, they understand that what they have is inestimable and you need to be able to see the good in what they
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