Collateral Duty Authority Case Study

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Primary Responsibilities: Currently deployed on the USS HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN 75) AD2 Power is a clear standout, taking over as night check supervisor and leading the Jet Shop night crew through the complete tear down and buildup of F404-GE-400/402 engines, as well as the testing and trouble shooting of F404-GE-400/402 engines, ensuring 100 percent mission readiness and support for the squadrons on board. AD2 Power hit the ground running as soon as he checked on board USS HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN 75). Not only did he quickly take over as night check supervisor but he quickly obtained Collateral Duty Inspector qualifications for work centers 450, 41V, & 415. As workcenters 450, 41V and 415 Collateral Duty Inspector he is directly responsible…show more content…
Job Performance: Petty Officer Power has proven to be a vital asset to the power plants division on board USS HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN 75) while serving as the Jet Shop Night Shift Supervisor he led seven personnel in the complete tear down, buildup, testing, and trouble shooting of 17 F404-GE-400/402 engines. His steadfast initiative resulted in three new Collateral Duty Inspector qualifications increasing workcenter flexibility and readiness by 50 percent. He has qualified on a significant amount of support equipment to include: the shipboard crane, huffer, cc cart, 6K forklift and 20K forklift making him an invaluable asset to the Truman team. He has also completed the 3M/DC Qualifications along with Advanced DC and is 75 percent complete with his EIDW…show more content…
Command Climate/Sailorization: A member of the diversity committee. 8. Meritorious Achievements: N/A 9. Collateral Duties: Collateral Duty Inspector for Workcenters 413,450,41U,41V, & 415. He is also the Tool Control Program Assistant Coordinator, Morale Welfare and Recreation Representative for 400 Division. 10. Educational Accomplishments: Completed 16 NKO Courses. 11. Peer Group/Community Involvement: N/A 12. Maintenance Officer Comments: It is with great pleasure that I nominate Petty Officer Power for Sea Sailor of the Quarter for 2nd Quarter FY 2016. He has demonstrated extraordinary motivation, enthusiasm, and dedication to the mission’s success and is well beyond the level of a Petty Officer Second Class. He has set the standard in which all FRCMA Oceana Sailors should strive to emulate along with being the most qualified Sailor at FRCMA Oceana. Petty Officer Power has made excellence a habit and is an outstanding leader by all measures. It is with my highest possible recommendation that Petty Officer Power be selected as the Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic Sea Sailor of the Quarter, for 2nd Quarter of FY

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