Collective Rights In Canada

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Unlike our neighbours down below. We have these special set of rights called Collective Rights that recognise three major groups of Canada: First nations, Metis and Language Minority. Canada also has the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that was signed in 1982. This recognizes individuals and the collective rights in Canada. My first stamp shows the layout of Canada were Treaties 1 to 11 are on the map. it also shows a buffalo. The buffalo was a very significant part of their history but later the First Nation people were starved because the Europeans took over their land and the buffalo were nowhere in sight. I also included the Aboriginal Medicine Circle on this stamp. That symbol mean many meaningful things for the First Nation…show more content…
A buffalo is a very important to the first Nations that's why it is displayed on my first stamp. First Nations used the buffalo for very significant things one of the most important thing was for food. They made a special traditional food called Pemmican witch is dried buffalo smashed together with flour and berries. The first nations needed buffalo to survive but sadly the buffalo was rushed away when the Europeans showed up and took over the First Nations land and that when the treaty 1 started. The numbered treaties is displayed on my stamp because Canada and the First Nations needed to agree on land but these two group of people used land very differently. The first treaty was treaty one and it was signed August 3rd, 1871 and the last treaty to be signed was treaty 11 August 19th, 1921. The land lacombe is on right now is treaty 6 land. Treaty 6 land had a medicine chest include and that was the only treaty with one. Everyday we recognize this land and that this land is First Nations. A Aboriginal medicine circle is on my stamp because it was a huge part of the First Nations Identity and Tradition.The meaning of the four directions could be stages of life, time of the year different directions animals and plants. The medicine circle is also known as the “sacred hoop” and is usually used as decoration. These 3 main symbols of the First nations identity; buffalo, treaties and…show more content…
John A macdonald and George is presented on my stamp because that's when Canada and the french came together. Canada was created and when the french and Canada had an alliance to become independent from the USA in 1867. Some other event that involved Language minority were these 4 events: Manitoba Act in 1870 Manitoba School act in 1890, Haultain resolution in 1892 and lastly bill 101 in 1977. Most of these banned french from schools like the Haultain resolution and the Manitoba School Act but Bill 101 was a bill that restricted english in Quebec after all of these acts were passed. The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms witch was signed in 1982 by PM Pierre Trudea has section that represent language minorities. Sections 16 to 20 are all language rights talking about french and english being equal and be able to use both languages in government. But section 23 is talking about being able to be educated in both english and french if there is sufficient need. It took a long time to have language minority but now that Canada has it now its became a better
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