Human Environment And Environment

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And the third category is known as Collective Rights or the Third Generation Rights.
In the Covenant on Civil and political Rights (First Generation Rights) there are several rights mentioned but apart from the Right to life as mentioned in the Article 6 no other rights include the right to safe environment either directly or indirectly.
The Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights however provides several rights that are related to minimum necessities of human life which includes right to work, right to the enjoyment of just and favourable conditions of work, particularly, a decent living for himself and their families, right to safe and healthy working conditions, right to everyone to an adequate standard of living for himself,
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The importance of safe and adequate environment is so significant for maintaining the human dignity that it has been rightly characterised as a human right. Dr. Nagendra Singh has correctly observed :
His right to live in peace in a safe and adequate environment is a right which relates to his very existence. Such a condition which goes to the very root of one’s own human existence must be categorized or designated as a fundamental right beyond doubt …’
The above mentioned lines implies that the existence of human beings are solely depended upon environment and hence environment is closely related with human rights. Environment therefore has to be conserved in order to maintain, and improve the quality of mental and physical health. Although there has been a growing awareness for the protection of environment but appropriate steps has not been taken yet at the international level. The term Environmental Right has not been fully recognized by the international forums for human rights. Although the judicial decisions of different states as well as the writings of different jurists recognizes the environmental right as a human right but at the international level it is still
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It was in effect until 1964, and sponsored by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government in England and the Department of Health for Scotland.
The Act has introduced a number of air pollution control measures for providing the citizens of England a healthy environment to live in. It has also adopted special steps by introducing ‘smoke control areas’ in some towns and cities in which only smokeless fuels are permitted to be burned. By shifting home’s sources of heat towards cleaner coals, electricity, and gas, it reduced the amount of smoke pollution and sulphur dioxide from household fires. Reinforcing these changes, the Act also included measures to relocate power stations away from cities, and for the height of some chimneys to be increased

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