Collectivism In Brave New World Analysis

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Collectivism in Brave New World In the book Brave New World,by Aldous Huxley, the essence of humanity is questioned. The World State completely destroys the whole concept of being a human by taking away the people's individuality.The analysis will focus on chapter 1 from pages 11-12, which is a perfect example of how collectivism in the book sacrifices the uniqueness of humanity by the application of birth , exclusion and the nature of relationships. Collectivism is a fundamental element of the society in Brave New World. Ever since birth, citizens are placed in a distinct social group in which they are obliged to remain for the rest of their lives. They have no right to choose what to do with their own life. From that point forward their…show more content…
Foster. “Our colleagues upstairs will teach them to love it.”(Brave New World,1,12).Love is often considered unique to each of us, an expression of our personalities and will.To teach us to love something is to take out of life its spontaneity and uniqueness. When "teaching"the infants how and what to love, they are lose their individuality and humanity. The world State distorts the idea of love to their contribution to the society.The author also tends to use scientific terms to be more specific throughout the narrative.This is probably due to the fact that they explain many of the scientific processes .The language used in the book like in a few of the dystopias a form of oppression. In Brave New World the humans are supposed to act the same, and if not they are considered inhumane. Individuality is something unheard of in this society, and everything is done in the power of the government to judge somebody
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