Collectivism In Canada

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Government can kill or cure Most governments around the world fall between the ideologies of Collectivism and Individualism. Many of the governments have struggled to find a spot between these ideologies that promotes societal growth while still maintaining peace. The source presented is saying that Individualism is the most effective way for a society to function. The speaker believes that a capitalist society is the most effective way for a society to exist. A capitalist society is a one in which the focus is on the individual and not the collective group, this can include private property, private businesses and competition in markets. This kind of societal structure can be very benefiting to successful individuals, but can also be very…show more content…
Canada is a country that represents my opinion on the issue regarding the source. It has found a happy medium between too much and too little government and has found a place that ensure personal freedom as long as it does not harm others. If we compare Canada with Egypt as well as the US we see that they sit in the middle of the two. If we compare the amount of gun violence in Canada compared to the US there is a drastic difference. If we look at stats of gun crime per 100 residents that own guns, we see that that the US is 3 times more than canada. This could be tied with the varying amounts of government control. In Canada there is government control about gun permits and there are certain guns such as handguns that are held in the restricted category. In the US you can get permits a lot easier and for many more guns; guns that are lethal such as handguns. We see that the self interests of certain individuals without some control of the government is not beneficial to society. We also see the benefits of having a government which allows its citizens power to a certain extent. Unlike Egypt, Canada allows its citizens to have a say in the direction of the country and how they want to live their life. This has been proven to be successful. Citizens are given the opportunity to pursue their self-interests. This causes constant push through society letting us advance without causing problems that relate to little government control. Another part of canada that shows an ideal balance between government and freedom is the way our market is set up. Canada is considered a mixed economy in which certain sectors of the market are owned by the government and other sectors are owned by the individual. The health care is owned by the government, and yet businesses can be owned by the individual. This ensures that while we can still have self-interest and desire to do what we want, we still have parts of our life that will always be there such as health care. Canada connects
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