College 101 Reflection

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I have taken away many useful strategies and information from the College 101 class I took this summer. This course has given me enough information to help me feel confident that I will be successful in the rest of my highschool experience and my future college experience. This course has given me skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Learning to study properly, avoid procrastination, and take notes correctly has been something that has already helped me tremendously. It has helped me feel less stressed on a day-to-day basis as well as improving my school work quality.
Many of the resources that Jefferson College offer have helped me during the summer course I took. The online library has been a resource that I use often.
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The lesson that College 101 taught me that helped me most, was the lesson on how to avoid procrastination. I have struggled with procrastination all throughout high school. Learning how to avoid procrastination will help me all throughout college and will help me when I have a job. It will teach me to do things on time and early, so that I am fully prepared to succeed. Another skill that helped me tremendously, is learning how to properly take notes. In the past, I have never known what to write down, so I wrote down nothing at all, or all the wrong stuff. Now I know to write down the main ideas, and then a couple supporting details. The last huge lesson I learned from College 101, was time management. I learned to use a planner and cut out time for classwork and studying. This will help me in highschool and college by ensuring that I get enough time to do my classwork and get good grades. This will help me in life in general by making sure I am on time to everything and that I do not over-plan my day.
The college 101 class I took helped me change for the better. It helped me mature and realize what my priorities are. Now I spend more time on my homework and studying because I know that is important. College 101 has also helped me learn time management. I now manage my time and follow a schedule. This has helped free up and time and keep me from being too busy. The last thing College 101 has
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