College Admission Essay

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Around this time during the midst of my senior year at Windham High School I felt invincible. I was not entirely sure what my senior year had in store for me, never mind my future. My mind was on getting as far away from my hometown as possible, smiling at new faces, and learning from passionate professors. This was my idea of college; being surrounded by people who want to learn as bad as I, wanting to absorb information as bad as they want to breath. When it was time to make my final decision, I decided to attend Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire. I was accepted here as a Nursing Major, however when I began classes my second semester it became apparent that I was not on track to graduate from a four year program because there…show more content…
Due to the fact I found this out after coming back from break, there was not much time to make a decision. I knew I needed to transfer in order to save time, money and my hopes to pursue a career in the health field. I live in Waterbury, Connecticut in a small condominium complex with my father. Central Connecticut State University was the closest institution that I could commute to which is why it seemed like the right choice at the time. However, I made the decision too late in order to apply to Central’s Nursing RN Program, which brings me to the situation I am currently in. Since I am now a sophomore trying to transfer into the program, seats are very limited. This University simply does not offer and other programs I have interest in, in terms of the health and science field that the University of Connecticut does. I have been advised to choose another major or to pick a different direction, which I refuse to do. Helping others in terms of health and science has always been my passion from taking care of my grandmother who died of breast cancer, to taking care of others around the
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