College Admission Essay To Go To The Army

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College Admission Essay
I feel that furthering my education will benefit me in many ways. It will afford me the opportunity to broaden my horizons. It will give me a sense of accomplishment. Also, it will allow me to expand on my scope of practice, which will enable me to reach out and help even more people. I will be able to take my case management skills to another level. This degree along with my current skill set will provide me with unlimited possibilities. I would like to concentrate my studies in the area of community-based practices since I had the opportunity to work in a community- based setting as a Nurse Case Manager with the wounded Warriors. This experience was very rewarding. Obtaining my master in Public Health will help me in my civilian life as well as the military. In my civilian life I will be more equipped to help the residents and their family due to the wealth of knowledge and skills I will be receiving from pursuing this goal. As for the military they not only
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He would treat me and send me back home but by the time I reach home it was a task trying to walk from the car back into the house. The asthma was as bad as it was prior to me going to the doctor. Around this time period I was having an attack three to four times a week. I felt like I was never going to be well again. One night I was rushed to the emergency room because I had an attack. The nurse drew up the medication and gave me an injection. I over heard her talking to another nurse saying I almost gave her too much medication. That could have been my last visit to the emergency room but I guess the Lord saw fit to keep me here. Upon returning home I was just as compromised as I was prior to going to the emergency room. Due to my illness and my trials and tribulations, I think it is the reason why I was always drawn to a profession that helps save lives or give hope for a better

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