College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Hockey Player

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“Coop, you’re up.” Championship game. This isn't the third period or overtime, shootout. Three people from each team get their chance at a breakaway, one on one against the goalie, and I was chosen. I had the tournament on my stick. I put my gloves on, get a couple taps from my teammates, hop the boards, and I’m on the ice. Here I am, standing at center ice with a chance to win a game we weren't even supposed to be playing in. If I score, we win the game, if I don't, we lose the game. My heart is pounding. My vision is tunneled, my body begins to tingle, and the loud cheering of the crowd begins to slowly fade away, to the point where I can only hear myself breathe. I close my eyes. Envision the white mesh cradling the puck as my team clears the bench. My leadership and hard work was going …show more content…

Hard work got me far in my hockey career. When I first started, I was awful. I was the worst player on the team. The only reason I even made it was because no one got cut. Over the years, I set goals to become the best on my team, the best in central Illinois and eventually one of the best in the country. All of those goals became memories. I worked so hard at everything that I became one of the top players in the United States. All the missed school events and parties, to become a good hockey player. I was 9 years old and went to the gym every day with a personal trainer. Hard work is soaked into me. Everything I do in life is compensated by hard work. It will carry on for the rest of my life, when I am working someday, I’ll be the one working over the weekends, late nights and overtime so I can achieve my goals in life. Do you think I was the one chosen to have the fate of a hockey tournament in my hands if i didn't push myself? I am willing to do the things people aren’t. I am willing to give it 100% even when I am dead tired. I strive to be dominant in everything I do. No matter

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