College Admissions Essay: A Career As A College Officer

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I have always talked about my different perspectives and thoughts on college. Both of my parents have not been to college and I want to show them that it is possible and achievable to get the degrees that you desire. Any goals that you make for yourself can be achieved if you set your heart to it. I love to set goals for myself, it makes me push myself harder and go above and beyond. The goals that I hope to accomplish in the next six months is completing a season of water polo, be an officer of the FCA club, be on the swim team, and grow further on my praise and worship team at my church. I hope that I am still upholding my 4.0. GPA and continuing to brighten people’s days. I have pushed myself past my limits and worked really hard on keeping my straight A’s and withholding my starter spot on the junior varsity water polo team. I have supported my goals and plans already by getting help from my parents and my avid teacher. My parents will always be my best support system and for the next four years of high school so will my avid teacher.…show more content…
I hope to be on the list of valedictorians, to be the president of the FCA club, to be the captain of the Varsity water polo team, to be a stronger individual, and to be known by all my teachers as a hard worker and a kind student. By then I hope that my dream college, Vanguard University, knows of me, and has put me on a list for an academic scholarship for music and has noticed all of my hard work. I’ve already emailed the colleges that I am interested. Such as University of California Los Angeles, Cal Poly, Stanislaus University, Fresno State, Vanguard University, and Fresno Pacific. There is so much I want to accomplish before my last year of high school and I am going to do it
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