College Admissions Essay: A Career In Professional Football

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Failure is something we all have experienced in our life from time to time, which is completely normal because no one is born flawless. One might be more capable than the other, but we must evolve and try to be better each and every day of our life. A person cannot be a failure until they have the determination to get up once again and try to do better than the previous attempt. Like others, I too have experienced failure, not once, not twice, but eleven times on record. I faced failure eleven times in front of my team, my friends, the people who come to watch, and my coaches.
It was my sophomore year in high school when I decided to play a sport that I have long admired. I decided to wrestle which made my sophomore year more exciting and
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Everyone in the room had some understanding of what they were doing since they have wrestled in the past. My partner was one of the people who had a clue of what he was doing, which served as a benefit yet it also had a downside to it as well. Every time the coach blew the whistle he would counter my move and pin me down. I get up yet once again, I end up on my back. During the 6 minute match, we had the first day, I was put on my back 15 times. Time flew by soon enough the official matches began, and I hit the jackpot of wrestling in the very first tournament. In that tournament, the Junior Varsity wrestlers were guaranteed two matches plus a third one if we do win one of the two matches. I was confident because I believed I have learned pretty good amount of techniques in the three-week period but I was mistaken. The matches began with my weight class; I was called down first. My best friends and the captain along with coach waited for me to walk to the mat and start my match. I was under a lot of pressure that I couldn 't perform to my true potential, I took a shot and just as I expected I was pinned within the first 30 seconds. That was my first on record failure, which gave me one more reason to carry on. I pushed myself each and every day till the end of the season. I didn 't let failure get to my head every nor did I let the victories get to my head. I lost 11 times during the season.
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