College Admissions Essay: A Safe, Stable Home

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Quite frankly, I never wanted to be a mother. However, I find myself in love with my three-year-old son with each passing day. He learns from me and me from him. In return, he has given me so much beyond his little life. I want to lead by example and show that one can achieve success with having an education. Why is college important to me? I have decided that a college education is important because through it a person can find a tremendous amount of inspiration in reaching his or her personal and professional goals, to live stable and healthy lives, and to gain a sense of self-worth. I am laying down the groundwork today and looking to the future so that my son has a greater chance of reaching his own successes. In finding your inspiration, you can find passion. Passion will give us the desire to succeed.…show more content…
Children’s Health Watch research illustrates the connections between lack of secure housing, strained budgets, and poor health outcomes for families with children." Creating a stable home starts with education. Parents and caregivers have a heavy impact on young children 's development from birth to adulthood. Educated adults will have an advantage and a necessary skill set to teach them to thrive and flourish in a healthy household. Providing a secure environment can grant stability. Having the means and income that education offers can create opportunities that help in gaining a higher source of income. This leads to a way of life that provides your family with better circumstances and allows you to afford the best education for your children. Nurturing a child 's mind gives them the self-confidence they need to be successful adults. There is nothing more powerful than believing that you can do anything. Believing in your abilities has a heavy correlation on what you project out into a world of impressionable
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