College Admissions Essay: A Short Story

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With brows frowning as intensely as possible, I sat still and listened as the doctor concluded, "You have ADHD, and it can only be eased, but not completely cured." Layers upon layers of intense emotions stirred inside me as I sprinted out from the hospital. Anger and despair struck me as the words, “I will never be cured”, echoed in my mind. Enduring this arduous sentence, I isolated myself from the rest of the world. A once jovial kid with endless dreams suddenly transformed into a child with a hollow shell. Eventually, all my confidence and hopes were drained by my internal distress and confusion. Twenty more minutes before class ends, I thought to myself. Sitting still, I felt like the whole world was observing me, mocking my differences.…show more content…
I suddenly found my way out of this melancholy- creating laughter. Indeed, my mom once told me that my humor could be one of my greatest assets. Back in my school, I’ve always been the one who could stir up huge waves of laughter with my mimicry skills. From a ravenous, drooling T-Rex all the way to our daunting teachers, none of them posed great difficulties for me to mimic. I realized that, in comparison to my peers, I could truly let go of myself and let nothing restrict my positivity. This, in turn, could actually be attributed to my inherited “gift” of ADHD. My problematic hyperactivity was channeled into my source of optimism and creativity. As years passed, I have become more than able to leave my comfort zone as I gradually overcome my old fears. Courage and persistence are two vital qualities that I've developed over the years. For example, when I first joined the drama club, I was only assigned with one line throughout the entire play. Yet, I still tried my best to practice that single line, so that I could make the best out of myself. During the final play in front of the whole school, my short performance on stage created a remarkable memory in everyone's mind. Standing under the spotlight while being immersed in a huge wave of applause became one of
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