College Admissions Essay: Calculus

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As a young teenager, I was lost on what I wanted to do as an adult. What was my path? Was I going to be a doctor? A lawyer? I had no idea. However, I did know one thing: I love science and math. Therefore, I took many Advanced Placement science and math classes to pinpoint exactly what was for me. I took Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Calculus. While I enjoyed all of these classes, especially Physics, I fell in love with one particular class: calculus. Calculus is the branch of mathematics that deals with the finding and properties of derivatives and integrals of functions. It is used in many disciplines, such as STEM, due to its utility. Math has always been a fun class for me, so I decided to enroll in the AP AB Calculus course to see if the subject would strike a chord with me. That was one of the best decisions of my life. My teacher, who had an Industrial Engineering degree, was excellent at her job and made sure all her students knew the intricacies of calculus. During my time in the course, I also developed a passion for problem solving. Nothing excites me more than finding the solution to a rather difficult problem, especially while using calculus. The class was not easy, and I would spend most of my evenings hunched over a calculus book, doing practice problems and learning interesting concepts.…show more content…
Moreover, I will become equipped with the tools and knowledge to become an engineer with the potential to discover and innovate. Also, while at Cockrell I plan to do research as well, which will not only increase my knowledge of engineering, but also the entire world’s as well. With a high quality education, excellent research opportunities, and hard work, I will achieve my dream of becoming an engineer, and hopefully change the world for the

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