College Admissions Essay: Causality, Cause And Effect

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Causality, Cause and Effect Lately, I’ve realized that I am so afraid of failure that I don’t try, or quit, if I feel that I won’t reach my own expectations. This hit home last Friday when I made a B on my physiology exam; I came home crying and wanting to quit the class. My husband kept staring at me like I was crazy and my son responded with “Good thing you don’t have my grades; we would have to hide the gun.”. I wanted to quit over a B, I might have overacted just a little. So, I mapped out all the possible causes to find out why I am so afraid to fail. As I sorted through my possible causes for fear of failure, some of them just didn’t seem to be a part of the problem. I listed low self-esteem, but as I get older, the happier I am with myself and the direction I’m going in. I’m proud of myself, my family and what we’ve accomplished. I considered the fact that I might be lazy and not want to put in the effort, but I work twelve hours a day, attend…show more content…
She believes that women, even mothers and daughters, will naturally compete against each other. That this is a good thing, because without it we would still be stuck in the kitchen. When I decided to stay home with my son, she made it very clear how ashamed of me she was. She told me that she thought she had raised an intelligent and independent daughter, now I would never turn out to be anything worthwhile. Regretfully, that is not the only thing she has said or done to encourage me to go down the path she chose for me. Anytime I succeed at anything, she tells me that it is not a real accomplishment because a man (my husband now, my dad when I was younger) was there to back me up. She lets me know that she could have done it better and on her own. This has been going on since I was about ten, when my parents got divorced. I love my mom but she has a messed up way of raising a daughter, she didn’t do this to my

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