College Admissions Essay: Going To A New Place

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New Place
My character depends on what sort of person I am; I like to think of myself as a craft man building my character from my childhood. Going to a new place was a change that I experienced in my life. As a ten-years-old boy in my small village in Vietnam, I was blazing fast, but I ran into mischief. My parents dispatched me to a Catholic dormitory elementary school with an educational assignment. Besides, the Catholic school made several contributions of their dedication and generosity to my character formation by providing support and kind words. At Notre Dame School, I devoted myself to build my character; especially, I learned about coping skills, developing discipline, and making friends in order to achieve my educational dreams.
When I became a bad boy, my parents looked for a way to change my character. In 1960, I chose the road that less traveled, and I started to
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Although I received the excellent education, I squandered my youthful time in exploring some bad pleasures such as smoking and reading some romantics. Up to that time, life seemed meaningless, and I hated the person I was becoming. However, my teachers’ religious examples made great impacts and changed my life, and I grew from what I learned from them. In addition, I prayed the mother of Jesus when I was in troubles; as a result, I persisted, and forged, and moved forward in the school. I have acquired the teacher traits.
My disciplines carried me forward on my own career path like an escalator. First, the Notre Dame Church School seemed unfamiliar, but it later became very supportive. Even though I was shy and sad about living in the new place, things turned out great when I met and knew new teachers and friends. I learned how to cope with new places, and my fear of loneliness has been replaced with great joy, peace and love. Today, I have become a better educator at the York Middle School, in Orange,
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