College Admissions Essay: Going To College

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Going to college is probably one of the most important things that I have done in my life so far. Thinking back to everything I have done in the past ten years or so, I can see that taking to leap of faith to join college and further my education was such a huge step for me and I am glad that I did. Before I joined Southern New Hampshire University, I knew I would need some motivation to enroll. I remember a story my father told me about how he had gone to Technical College and became a licensed Master Mechanic and that really motivated me to want to further my education. Also, my brother had talked to me about two months ago and had told me his experience with going to college to earn his English degree and me, being the competitive brother I am, didn’t want him to be the only sibling to earn a degree. Money was also a motivating factor because I wanted to have a career that could pay well and secure my retirement that way I can build a family. From past experience working with investors I noticed that the majority of them are vehement about saving money and most of them had a college education. Lastly, the strongest motivating factor was my future career and interests. I have always enjoyed being a manager…show more content…
The one thing I want to ensure that I do to stay motivated is planning my weeks out in advance by using my planner. Referring back to my pride, I do not like to be late on assignments or tests. I plan on taking my time when I read over my course work that way I focus better on it and I am able to retain more of it when I am done because, as I said earlier, I love learning new things! Another thing I plan on doing to keep me motivated is joining the SNHU Peer Leader program as soon as I am eligible. I niticed a posting on my SNHU hope page and I delved into the program to learn more. It turns out that this is an excellent way to stay focused and motivated while being able to help others at the same
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