College Admissions Essay: How Chemotherapy Changed My Life

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It could never actually happen to me, could it? A routine day as cliche as a 90’s sitcom, with the innocence of a young child, suddenly turns into a world of hell. No, it could not happen to me, maybe you, but not me. That was the thought of an ignorant and self-absorbed 16-year-old Charles Butler. Until one day, after a regular day of school, I am told by my mom that my father is sick. Okay, everyone gets sick, that is just a part of being human. As my mother continued to explain, she mentioned that my father will be starting chemotherapy this week to treat his lymphoma. As any teenage boy would do, I acted as though I was strong and unaffected, when in reality, I was confused. I’ve always heard about chemotherapy and other treatments, but…show more content…
She was the sticky, indivisible glue that made sure our family stuck together. My mother is a woman of great strength and intelligence, and she has passed down these fantastic qualities to me. Seeing her strength has matured me on some levels. I have learned the skills of perseverance, courage, and compassion. I 've taken these traits and applied them to my volunteer work at the local food pantry. My mother has inspired me to give back to my community, and always to help my neighbor. What makes volunteering so special to me is that I have such a tremendous impact on someone else’s life by doing something that is so straightforward. Also, as senior class president, I am a leader and is counted upon by many. Mainly, my mother has made me the person I am today. She credits these characteristics to the excellent education she has received at The Pennsylvania State University. A member of the class of 1987, she has impressed upon me the excellence of what Penn State has to offer. I would be honored to be a second generation student of Penn State. If given the opportunity to attend Penn State 's beautiful campus at State College, I would not hesitate to say

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