College Admissions Essay: How College Changed My Life

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I was attending Carthage College for my sophomore year. I was doing well in my classes and I received good grades. However, something did not feel right. I was doing well in school, but I was not making a lot of friends. I was always in my room, doing homework every night even on weekends. Also, Carthage would not let me keep my major, Elementary Education unless I pass the Praxis Test. My family always asked me how school is going and I told them “It’s fine”. During J-term break, I suddenly realized the college is not right for me anymore. I always thought that college was about making friends and making lifelong memories. My sisters told me how exciting college is and how it is the best four years of your life! So where is mine? I was in…show more content…
I decided to transfer to another college to complete my last school years. I was so happy and relieved because this is what I want. I realized that I choose the first college to have the same experience as my sisters. I wanted to find a college for me and I can follow own my journey. Also, I failed the Praxis test by one point, which was also another factor. Honestly, the hardest part was telling my family because I felt that I let them down. Surprisingly, my mother knew something was not right and was happy. She cried when I told the times I was lonely in my room and no one to hang out with. Everyone was on board except for my dad. It took a long time for father to be on board. He thought I was happy but I told lied to him and the family for two years! I made my plan to transfer to another college. It was like being a senior in high school again, only this time I am really digging into the next one. After making college visits and phone calls, I decided to transfer to Loras College! I felt the Loras College will help me complete my last years and everyone is so friendly. Best of all, the education department accepted two test scores from the Praxis test, that I only need to do the writing part of their Iowa test! This was the best decision to my ethical
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