College Admissions Essay: How Education Changed My Life

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I was born in the family with middle financial opportunities in the second biggest city of Azerbaijan, the date of my birth was one of the hardest times of my country’s economy. The unemployment rate was high and there was a scarcity of resources. My family was trying their best to look after me and two other siblings who are older than me for 4 years. They signed me into kindergarten and then to Russian sector of school. Since that time I was showing excellency in all of the subjects but teachers were not professionals and even equipment and building was not in good conditions - we didn’t have a heating system beside furnace which worked with wood. My eagerness to study and get good education made my parents to change my school. When I got to 6 grade my parents decided to sign me into the Turkish High school - the best school in the whole region, but it was private and my parents needed to pay more than 3000 AZN for my education. I was one of 100 students out of 2000 who passed the entrance exam. When they assigned me to this school we didn’t have enough money at home to pay my tuition but my parents did not step back, with all struggle they paid tuition fee. Seeing their effort with financial part created new goals such as to have…show more content…
As we acknowledged, UGRAD program is not just educational but also cultural exchange, my social side of mine will help me in fulfilling this goal of the program. For instance, I think that the best place to share and communicate with people It is volunteering. I love to volunteer, my volunteering experience has started back in 2012, I volunteered in different places in Azerbaijan and abroad. The main value of volunteering for me is giving back to the community, and also improving it. I prompt to share my culture, traditions, knowledge and life experience in order to remove cultural or other
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