College Admissions Essay: How I Work At My School

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In my school, my learning has stalled. Learning is ineffectual unless I 'm challenged and engaged in solving a tough task, I no longer find that in my school. Everyday I go to class it feels as though I am simply going through the motions. I 've lost all motivation at school and, moreover, I am not challenged and, consequently, barely need to concentrate to find success. As a student and as a person I had found fulfillment in learning and have since lost that fulfillment I used to find. Many of my goals are based in education, it has been my dream to, eventually, be the namesake of a college that will advance world education even further. Knowledge is the most important aspect of my life. In my current school situation it feels like I 'm going through the motions day to day. Work at my school is not very difficult and I feel like I could be involved in classes far ahead of…show more content…
The only real awards and programs my school offers are non-academic, only this year have they introduced a mock trial team to our school which I will be joining as well as a First Robotics Team which I am unable to join due to prior obligations. The few options of non-athletic extracurriculars are a major reason I would like to apply to this program, after reading about the program and experiencing the summer programs at the Belin-Blank center, I saw that I would be around individuals who could stimulate my mind and push my abilities further than my current school can. One reason I want to join the acceleration program is the environment, I experienced a little bit of the environment while at the JSI summer camps, everyone can communicate easily and there is a very friendly environment created by both the students and the faculty as well. Overall this program will accelerate my ability to learn greatly from how I am learning now, I enjoy learning over all else when I am challenged and I truly believe that this program will enhance my love for learning and help me pursue my passions in my

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