College Admissions Essay: How Probation Changed My Life

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Going through probation has been an extremely crazy experience. While being on probation it was a big opportunity to turn my life around. Through that journey it showed me that my friends are not really my friends, I did things I never thought I’d do in life, and ended up back into the system; it also made me the person I am today. That one life experience has made a big rotation in my life that I am very proud of and I wouldn’t change anything about it, not one bit.
Generally, when I was 17 my life was good, I had my mom to look up to and my dad spoiling me, I was getting any and everything. However, on my 18th birthday that the day I knew things were going extremely wrong. On that night, I went out with a couple of friends and things didn’t
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In Particular, I began to notice that I am getting old enough to understand that I am all I got to look up to and I don’t want to set a bad image for myself. Also, my decisions are what I make them to be, no one can choose my actions for me, so I have to choose them wisely. Admittedly, I got back into the church and also going back and finish school to better myself and my education. However, now I open my eyes every day knowing I am going to have a good day with no negativity, I have my family back helping me but I let the friends go completely. Now I am looking forward to furthering my education after high school and taking care of my family the way I always wanted.
In final conclusion, being on probation was a bizarre journey. Also, taught me a lot in life from start to end. Which started to show me that my friends weren’t for me, I did thing I regretted, I ended back on probation, and it made me the person I am today. I will never look back at that particular experience. As a result, it showed me a lot and I took it in consideration in turn my life to God and becoming the person my parents raised me to be. I also noticed that I was setting an image for my niece and nephews so I that’s what really made me want to change. Now I am more thankful and blessed then ever
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