College Admissions Essay: I Want To Go To High School

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High school is a time for big decisions. It is a time to find out who you are and who you will become. In these 4 years everyone was trying to have a voice in my life. My parents wanted me to be successful and a good person, my teachers wanted me to get good grades and enjoy their classes, my friends wanted me to try things with them and have fun, and my pastor wanted me to be a person that shared Gods love. So many different people wanting so many different things but they also all wanted one more thing for me. The same thing everyone else’s family and friends wanted for them. To go to College, find a spouse, have babies, and live happily ever after. Now I know this is not a bad path, in fact it’s a great path and works out for many people, But I knew that the “normal” path for most people wasn’t for me.…show more content…
I never partied, drank, or slept around and I was happy with who I was. Now when the time came for my class to start filling out scholarships and applying to colleges I felt as though I was behind everyone else. All my classmates seemed like they knew what they wanted to be and had a 10-year plan and the finances to go along with that plan. I, on the other hand, did not. I didn’t understand why it was so important to go to college and why I couldn’t just chill for a while but apparently that was a big mistake. So, I did it, I graduated high school and went straight to college at Centralia College. I was taking classes I didn’t really care for and just getting by. The last quarter I was enrolled I failed two classes and decided it was stupid for me to be wasting money and time on classes that weren’t helping me reach a goal. So, I dropped out and went to
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