College Admissions Essay: I Want To Pursue My Life

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Life hasn’t been a smooth ride for me, but my hard work, determination, and enthusiasm for school has gotten me through hard times and brought me to the University of North Florida where I aspire to finish my education and pursue my dreams. My life began 20 years ago in Tirana, Albania which is a little country in Europe that is rich in nature and beauty, but unfortunately for many of the people that live there, poverty is a normal way of life. I was one of the lucky ones who never had to struggle through life with the pains of an empty stomach or hard labor.
My parents were doing well for themselves when I was born. They had just gotten married and were preparing themselves for a fulfilling life by moving out of the village, building a house
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I didn’t know any English so it was a rough start, but I learned quickly. We moved several times across the States because my parents weren’t really happy anywhere at first. From California, to Michigan and then to Florida, where we finally bought our first house. Moving around a lot has taught me a valuable lesson in flexibility and going with the flow. Watching my parents struggle and change their whole lives to provide a bright and better future for me has also taught me to want the most for not only myself, but the people around me too. It has made me a caring and appreciative person all around and I aspire to fulfill all of their wants and desires as they have mine in the future. In order for me to accomplish everything I want in life, the first thing on my list I have on my to-do list are my academic plans. I plan to graduate with my Bachelors at UNF with a major in Business and minor in Marketing. I then want to continue my education by earning a Masters in Business Administration. My long-term career goals include having my own successful small business and multiplying my business into multiple locations. I have a strong passion for interior design and fashion and plan to use my business degree along with my talent for design and create a platform that I can pass along to my
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